Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes picking coffee is daunting - especially as a gift. What bean should I get? Which roast level? Which brewing method?

I have a few answers! Please take a look through the FAQs below, and email us if you still need assistance.

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No we do not offer prepacked K-cups, but we do offer a refillable and reusable K-cup option.

See the bottom of the FAQ section for product or in the "Shop" menu item.

Different coffees are more pleasing at certain roast levels. If you're undecided a medium roast for any coffee is our first choice.

We get this question a lot. The short answer is no. The reason is that roasting oily beans can be tricky and could easily burn the beans right on the verge of over roasting. We like to roast dark to a velvety dark brown, preserving the bean flavor.

Not yet but I promise it is coming!

White roasting does not take bean through the first crack, giving them and light beige appearance instead of the characteristic brown.

White roasted beans are harder to grind. likely we'll offer these are preground only.

Yes we will be offering gift sets in time for the holidays.

Watch for "Gift Sets" under the gift heading section.

Yes! If you have artwork you would like to use on a custom bulk order, we are happy to accommodate. We can use your artwork to create some label ideas for you. Additional fees may apply.

We don't have graphic designers so we don't offer making from-scratch label designs or logos.

We offer shipping to all 50 US States. Rate is based on distance from Albuquerque and weight. Shipping to Hawaii and Alaska costs extra.

We do not sell or ship internationally (including Canada and Mexico) or to the outlying US territories.

We offer in-person delivery to the greater Albuquerque and Rio Rancho areas only for modest fees. Orders over $40 deliver free.

We ship to all other New Mexico areas usually by United States Postal Service.

Not at this time as we do not have a store front.

Yes we do! Please use the Contact Us! form to learn more and get a conversation started.

We can offer wholesale products rebranded with another label, but only to food production companies with registered food processing facilities.

We do not sell our products in stores. we sell direct to consumer online only.

No we do not resell green beans.

Yes! We are developing naturally flavored products and blends. Please watch under the "Shop" menu item for availability.