Aurora's Cup Coffee roasted WHEN you order!

Artisan Roasted Coffee

Aurora's Cup provides exquisite small batch coffee that is roasted to order because life is too short for stale coffee.

Chemex, an 8oz bag of coffee and an Aurora's Cup Coffee branded mug.

About Aurora's Cup Coffee

After being a hobby roaster for a few years, Bernie started Aurora’s Cup Coffee in December 2020 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Our mission is to bring affordable, small-batch fresh roasted coffee to everyone, directly from our roasters to your doorstep. We only sell direct to customers online and in person at food and trade shows around Albuquerque. We only roast your order when you order. We have no roasted coffee on the shelf. You will never get stale coffee from Aurora’s Cup Coffee.

A little about our name. In Roman mythology, Aurora, always the first to wake, announced daybreak and was considered the goddess of the dawn. She rode her chariot across the sky, ahead of Sol the god of the Sun, trailing her purple mantle of stars.

In our logo, Aurora rises from the coffee vapor in your cup, greeting the new day, symbolizing new beginnings and the opportunities the new day offers.

About Us
Two bags of Aurora's Cup Coffee with a branded mug in the foreground.
Pour over coffee brewing in a Chemex device by Auroras Cup Coffee

Coffee Tips

Please join our Coffee Club and get our fresh roasted coffee delivered to you regularly and enjoy 15% off everytime.

Coffee Tips

Nice People Love Our Coffee

"No one offers roasted to order like Aurora's Cup."

Christina A.
Albuquerque NM

"I've tried the same varietal at a few places. This is the best."

Lindsey R.
Albuquerque, NM

"Best coffee at the Coffee & Chocolate show!"

Antonio M.
Albuquerque, NM