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Aged Sumatra Gayo Aceh

Sumatra Gayo Aceh coffee is known for its unique flavor profile, characterized by earthy, spicy, and herbal notes. It is a favorite among coffee lovers who appreciate a rich, full-bodied coffee with a complex flavor profile.

Aged Sumatra Gayo Aceh Roast Notes

Smoky Aroma

Smoky, woody aroma described as reminiscent of a campfire.


Rich and complex, with a deep, earthy taste that is sometimes compared to dark chocolate.

Subtle Spicy and Herbal Notes

Subtle spicy and herbal notes add a layer of complexity and depth to the overall flavor profile.

Low Acidity

Low acidity, which makes it very smooth and easy to drink. This makes it a popular choice for coffee lovers who are looking for a rich, flavorful coffee without the sharpness or bitterness that can be found in some other varieties.

Medium-dark to Dark Roast

Typically roasted to a medium-dark to dark level, which brings out the bold, full-bodied flavors of the coffee.

Sumatra Growing Region

The Sumatra Gayo Aceh coffee growing region is a remote and rugged area in the highlands of northern Sumatra. Here, the landscape is dominated by steep, verdant hillsides, dotted with small-scale coffee farms that cling to the mountain slopes.

The climate in this region is tropical and humid, with heavy rainfall throughout the year. This makes it the perfect environment for coffee plants, which thrive in the high altitude and moist, nutrient-rich soil. The cool, misty mornings and warm, sunny afternoons provide the ideal conditions for the beans to mature slowly, developing a complex flavor profile that is unmatched anywhere else in the world.

The coffee plants in the Sumatra Gayo Aceh region are typically grown in small, shaded plots, nestled in among other crops. This traditional method of farming allows the coffee plants to grow slowly and naturally, producing beans that are full-bodied and robust, with a unique and complex flavor profile.

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