Great Affordable Coffee at Home

Coffee is the most personalizable of beverages. It depends the bean’s origin, the green bean processing method, the roast level, the grind, the brewing method and quality of the water - and all of that is before all of the cream, milk, syrup, sugar, high fructose goop etc.! It all can appear quite ridiculous (to the non-coffee drinker) from the outside and very nerdy and sciencey on the inside.

The most important thing to remember is that enjoying good coffee does not have to be expensive. You do not need lots of expensive fancy stuff, machines and widgets costing thousands of dollars.

Picture collage of French press, Chemex, auto-drip maker and insulated carafe

Brew Great Coffee a Home

Chemex drip coffee maker brewing Aurora's Cup Coffee

Melitta Drip Basket 

Some people call these "pour overs" now but Melitta invented the original. Plastic is fine but it can stain over the long haul so I'd recommend a ceramic or glass one, or spring for a Chemex. Just remember to buy good quality filters.

KitchenAide elecrtic kettle

Heated Kettle 

If you like the "pour over" or French press methods an electric kettle controls water heating very well - and you don't have to watch it on the stove and be subjected to the high-pitched whistle. 

Inexpensive auto drip coffee maker

Automatic Drip Coffee Maker 

This doesn't even need a timer or fancy programming. Any regular drip coffee maker will do.

Stainless steel, insulated thermal pump carafe

Insulated Thermos, Carafe or Pump Dispenser

The worst thing to do is leave your coffee on the burner. Brewed coffee breaks down over time and becomes bitter and acidic. Move your coffee from a glass carafe to an insulated thermos, or better yet pay a little more for a drip coffee maker that comes with an insulated stainless steel carafe. Your luscious precious morning elixir brews and stay cozy and drinkable for hours in the insulated carafe.

Stainless steel, insulated French press

Insulated French Press

If you prefer French Press coffee over drip, then buy an insulated stainless steel model.