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Indonesia Java Blue Sunda

Indonesia Java Blue Sunda coffee is known for its unique flavor profile that combines earthy and spicy notes with a hint of sweetness.

Indonesia Java Blue Sunda Roast Notes

Earthy Undertones

Reminiscent of the rich soil in which the coffee beans are grown, these earthy notes can range from a mild, slightly sweet flavor to a more robust, almost savory taste.

Spicy Flavor Profile

This can include hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, and other warm spices that add complexity and depth to the coffee's flavor.

Slight Sweetness

Despite its earthy and spicy notes, Java Blue Sunda coffee also has a slight sweetness to it, which balances out the other flavors. This sweetness can range from a subtle caramel or chocolate flavor to a more pronounced fruitiness, such as notes of cherry or berry.


Java Blue Sunda coffee has a full-bodied flavor that is rich and robust, with a smooth, creamy mouthfeel that lingers on the tongue.

Medium Dark to Dark roast

To bring out the best, roast medium dark to dark.

Indonesia Growing Region

The Indonesia Java Blue Sunda coffee growing region is located on the island of Java, which is part of the Indonesian archipelago. The region is known for its ideal growing conditions, which produce some of the world's finest coffee beans.

The rolling hills of the Blue Sunda region are covered in lush green vegetation, with coffee trees stretching out in neat rows across the landscape. The region is situated at an altitude of 1200-1600 meters above sea level, where the cool mountain air slows down the ripening process, resulting in a dense and flavorful bean.

The soil in the Blue Sunda region is rich and volcanic, providing the perfect nutrients for the coffee trees to thrive. The climate is tropical, with a consistent rainfall pattern that ensures the trees are well-nourished throughout the year. The combination of these factors creates a unique flavor profile for the coffee grown in this region.

The coffee trees in the Blue Sunda region are typically of the Bourbon and Typica varieties, which are known for their high-quality beans. The trees are grown in shaded conditions, which helps to regulate the temperature and prevent over-ripening of the cherries.

Cherries are typically processed using the wet method, which involves removing the outer layers of the cherry to reveal the bean inside. The beans are then soaked in water to remove any remaining pulp and fermented for up to 36 hours. Afterward, the beans are dried in the sun until they reach the ideal moisture content. The resulting beans are known for their bold, complex flavor profile, with notes of dark chocolate, caramel, and a subtle hint of citrus.

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